Monday, February 28, 2011


Beverlega on sale!

The 2011 Beverlega is on sale to all underclassmen. The cost of a yearbook is $50 but can be reserved for the low price of $25. When they arrive in the spring, the cost of the yearbooks will go up to $60. They can be bought online at or students can buy them in Room 305. Checks should be made out BHS BEVERLEGA. The deadline for payment is April 1, 2011, so buy one now! Anyone with questions should contact Ms. McCafferty is Room 305 or email

Any students who bought a yearbook last year should pick up their summer supplements in Room 305.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition

The BHS art department would like to congratulate the following students
for winning awards at the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition. There were 12,000 individual works and 5000 portfolios submitted. Gold and Silver key works will be hanging from Feb 14 - April 7 at the State Transportation Building in Boston. Gold Key art portfolios will be projected and one work from Gold Key Photo portfolios will be on display from Feb. 28 - March 6. Gold Key portfolios are sent to New York for national judging. There is an awards ceremony for all winning students on March 6.

Portfolio awards -
Irene Carrozza - Gold Key - Art portfolio
Jordan Garceau - Gold Key - Photo portfolio

Individual awards -
Tanya Boulanova - Honorable Mention - photo
Mary Brandt - Gold Key - drawing
Piangtawan Chawong - Honorable Mention - painting
Jonathan Cohen - Honorable Mention - photo
Jenny Creesy - Gold Key - photo
Brianna Fortado - Silver Key - photo
Taylor Kunselman - Silver Key - drawing
Melissa Oh - Honorable Mention - painting
Edward Southerton - Silver Key - painting


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Info from the Student Assistance Program

Blogger, Lisa Frederiksen, writes daily about topics related to alcohol
abuse and its impact on families and individuals. Her submissions are
informative and thought provoking. Of particular interest she often
highlights research findings on underage-drinking.

Jennifer Arbour, MA
Student Assistance Program Counselor (SAP)
Beverly High School Briscoe Middle School
978-921-6132 x 11130 978-921-6103 x 150
voice mail x 19303 Fax: 978-927-7781
Fax: 978-921-9460


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mandatory Health Screenings

The health office is conducting the state's yearly mandatory vision, hearing and postural screenings on all of the freshman class. After the freshman class screening is completed, the health office will then proceed with the state mandated height, weight and body mass index screenings for all sophmores. All parents who do not want their child screened can send their child in with a note from home informing the health office.


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