Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Key Club charity drives

Key Club is holding a food drive for Beverly Bootstraps until the end of
March. Boxes are located in front of the main office and next to the
music room. Please bring your non perishable items!

Key Club members collected $151 for Change for Heat, a program that helps
low income families pay their heating bills.



Parent Series

The Integrated Comprehensive Resources in School Initiative (ICRS) and the Parent's Advisory Council (PAC) present a three part series for parents...

March 24-Brian Gordon- Social Pragmatics/Creating Social Opportunities for Your Child

April 12- Dr. David Stember- A Parent's Guide to Headaches, Tummy aches and Monsters in the

April 25- Dr. Main, psychiatrist-Difficult Decisions: How Medication May Be Safe and Useful to
Your Child

All programs at the Memorial Auditorium at the Memorial Building, 502 Cabot Street
All programs from 6:30 to 8:30 pm


Sunday, March 6, 2011


BHS student finalist in film competition

Junior Zach Stone's video was chosen as a finalist of the 2011 Five-Minute
Student Film Contest! "Merry Little Christmas" was showcased as part of
the Top Ten-style presentation of the best student films of the year.

The top three winners of the state-wide competition were announced at an
awards ceremony on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00 pm at CinemaSalem, 1 Church
Street, Salem, Massachusetts. Zach was then announced as the second place
winner of the state wide event.

Here is the youtube link to his video.


Also, this winning video aired on Channel 22 in Spring and Summer 2010 as
a segment on Media class show, Zach's Angle, a show that videotaped Zach in
the studio talking about his work and then showing examples of it.



Senior Year concerns

Spring is upon us and with that comes college acceptance letters, future
planning and parties. Senior year for many is year of mixed feelings such
as anxiety, hope, and elation. In addition, many celebrations are for
honoring accomplishments and hard work. Unfortunately every year we hear
about young people getting injured or fatally wounded as a result of
festivities getting out of control.

Below is a link to the program website for Students Against Destructive
Decisions(SADD). The article "Already Gone: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving
Senior Spring" by SADD Director Stephen Wallace, M.S. Ed.

Mr. Wallace validates concerns and offers great advice to parents about
how to manage this time of year with your soon-to-be high school graduate
and college freshmen.



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