Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Beverly High makes Boston Magazine's honor roll

In a recent excerpt from Boston Magazine, Beverly High School was recognized as making the magazine's "honor roll" for our use of technology and particularly the one on one laptop intiative. Though we will begin the program next September (2011), Beverly High School is setting the bar high. This extension of teaching and learning through technology highlights our great staff at Beverly High School.

Boston Magazine; September 2010 Edition

Best Schools 2010: The Honor Roll
From Acton to Wellesley, area high schools are offering students unprecedented opportunities to excel. Here, some standout programs that prepares kids for life beyond the classroom.

Beverly High School
Picture this: every student working wirelessly on a Mac laptop in a new building. Teachers using Wikis to post assignments, give feedback, and encourage discussion online. Assessments that aren’t just term papers, but 21st-century ways to demonstrate knowledge — blogs, documentaries, PowerPoint presentations, and podcasts. It’s about to happen at Beverly High, which this September becomes the first school in eastern Massachusetts to require every incoming freshman to have a laptop. (Thanks to a deal with Apple, students can purchase, rent, or borrow a computer.) The school teaches everything from basic computing literacy to AutoCAD, the design-industry standard. And it also trains students to provide tech support to peers. Kyle Sweeney, Beverly class of ’07, says that experience helped him get into college. “It taught me communication and problem-solving skills better than any class.”


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